Our Approach
The core principles which guide our work in communities are:

we work from the community by listening and learning: We honor indigenous wisdom and value community assets. We listen to and learn from the community. We believe that residents should lead and be the primary agents of social change in their community.

we work with the community by co-designing the change strategy: We form authentic partnerships with the community. We co-design and customize the capacity-building process. We believe that residents should define their own capacity-building needs and have the primary role in developing a social change strategy for the community.

we work in the community to facilitate action and learning: We are co-learners with the community. We continuously learn about and with the community. We believe that the community must develop its own learning agenda and engage in continuous learning to bring about dynamic social change.

we work for the community to bring about social transformation: We focus on building capacity for social change in six core areas:

  • Community Engagement:  Training indigenous leadership and informing, connecting and engaging people in the social change process.
  • Community Organizations:  Building strong organizations and networks and developing institutional capacity for social change.
  • Community Relationships:  Building relationships and forming viable partnerships across racial, social and cultural communities.
  • Community Development:  Improving the quality of life by changing the material and social conditions in communities.
  • Community Advocacy for Systems Change:  Developing a policy agenda and mobilizing the community to speak with one voice to achieve systems change and institutional accountability.
  • Community Research and Evaluation: Documenting stories and disseminating information about lessons learned to the community-building field.


"Building Capacity for Social Change"