Core Services

Each year, Leadership Incorporated (1) provides capacity-building services to more than 50 social justice, health/human service, governmental, philanthropic and community development organizations around the county; (2) conducts training programs for residents, organizational leaders and consultants working in communities; (3) advises foundation-sponsored, place-based, community-change initiatives; and (4) mentors young professionals entering the community building field.


Our Experience

Frank J. Omowale Satterwhite, Ph.D., is the President of Leadership Incorporated.  During his career, he has provided technical assistance to more than 1,200 organizations in over 100 cities and 40 states.  In addition, he has trained and supported thousands of nonprofit board members and staff; trained over 500 consultants and organizational/community leaders; and assisted a dozen foundations with implementing community building initiatives in neighborhoods around the country.  He is widely known as one of the leading voices for transformational capacity building in communities of color.


What Makes Us Different
We view capacity-building as a social change activity and seek to bring about transformative change through our work. We believe that long-term, transformative community solutions must come from within and that community change is more likely to be sustained when there is a shared community vision (ideas), strong resident leadership (people), stable community institutions (organizations), viable community programs (action) and high levels of civic engagement (participation).

"Building Capacity for Social Change"